Stopp Air Base Ramstein - Keinen Drohnenkrieg!

Friedenswoche 2024


Founding statement for the Internatonal Network against Military Bases

„The International Anti-Military Bases Network, believes that the establishment of a military base by one country outside its own territory is an act of aggression. As such, they create a hostile environment, fuel fear and infame antagonism.
We believe that peace and international security is best achieved by pursuing an approach of common security based on cooperaton with neighbours, trust, understanding and diplomacy. Foreign military bases are not the form of ‘common security’ that we believe will wor, in the long term. They constitute a major threat to others, the environment and to world peace by threatening military action with its subsequent danger to citzens and destructoin of the infrastructure and the environment.
While we also recognize that the United States has by far the highest number of military bases outside its territory and currently maintains over 800 military bases in other countries, we also recognize that others (such as the UK, France, Russia, China and the NATO military alliance) also rely on military bases to project and enlarge their power base.
Our goal is to close all foreign military bases. Military bases pose threats of politcal and economic expansion, sabotage and espionage, and crimes against local populations. U.S. bases in particular are the largest users of fossil fuel in the world, heavily contributing to environmental degradation and agree that the closure of U.S. and other foreign military bases is one of the first necessary steps toward a just, peaceful and sustainable world.
We commit to supporting and working with all organizations and networks who campaign for the removal of foreign military bases in their countries and communites, to raise public awareness, increase politcal and international pressure and help as far as possible to organise and co-ordinate non-violent resistance with the aim of eventually closing them all.
We invite to join our network.”